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Minneapolis, MN 55429
  • Water cooled Inverter 230/3 & 230/1 13,000 ampsĀ 1232 Lbs

Looking for a Quality Equipment for Auto Body Repair?

Prima is a leading manufacturer and software design company of equipment required for the auto body repair of the 21st century vehicle. OEM APPROVED

Our products are state of the art and sold throughout the world. The requirement for safer and more fuel efficient vehicles occurred in Europe years before North America. Government mandates and fuel prices have now forced these change the in the US. This requires lighter weight vehicles with major structural design changes using a variety of new material with closer tolerances, forcing changes in equipment and repair procedures. The OEMs have had to implement programs wherein their certified/approved shop are required to have equipment meeting certain specification and new training procedures. Similar to Euro shops but body shops can select the equipment as long as it meets the OEM specifications.